Who We Are

For over 25 years, Performance Learning Synergies has been an authorized distributor of Wilson Learning. We can deliver our programs in over 15 languages which are culturally adapted. We went from purely custom designed training to offering the programs of Wilson Learning and the Assessments of Hogan Assessments. We provide superb custom solutions using Wilson Learning programs, principles and beliefs. We can also design from “whole cloth.” This means, that we take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and bring all the resources we have at our disposal, to build you a state of the art approach, which will not just result in a two day event, but a program with pre-course and post course components that ensure behavior change.

Extended Learning - Making it Stick

Performance Learning Synergies believes that far too many training and development initiatives bring about only limited return, because organizations fail to make the connection between people, performance and strategy execution. Conventional training, often thought of as programs, workshops or events that stand alone, rarely bring more than increased awareness and short term results. Our approach is different. Yes, we hold an event. However, not without creating a system that ensures learner readiness and reinforces what was learned in the workshop for at least 6 – 9 months after the workshop ends! Rather than merely provide a workshop, we create a system that engages your whole organization so that the behavior change you want actually occurs.   One of our clients said, "I quickly realized that I bought much more than a program! I bought a nine month culture change for my organization!"

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