Leadership Development to Drive Performance and Achieve Results

There has never been a time when business leaders at all levels have been more challenged. Do your management and leadership teams have the training, expertise, tools and vision to drive strategy, achieve results, create employee engagement, and deliver value to customers and shareholders? What follows is a list of programs. You can click the program title to read a detailed fact sheet.

Building Relationship Versatility*

Our most iconic program, Building Relationship Versatility,  is an update of Wilson Learning’s highly successful Social Style Series. It provides participants with results-oriented versatility skills that help them improve their ability to work effectively with others. Participants develop leadership skills, and learn how to build productive relationships, handle conflict, and create more productive teams.

Negotiating to Yes (Corporate Version)* or One day Version*

Based on the best-selling book Getting to Yes, Negotiating to Yes provides leaders and professionals with personal influence and negotiation skills. This course is based on the best-selling work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team. This leadership course builds skills in questioning, listening, problem solving, persuading, strategizing, and countering the unfair tactics used by others.

Coaching for Performance* and Coaching for Sales Performance*

Coaching for Performance and Coaching for Sales Performance are part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series.  These different one-day modules provide an effective, structured coaching approach that taps employees’ and sales peoples’ potential and leads to improved performance and fulfillment.

Communicating with Purpose*

Communicating with Purpose is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module provides the skills that facilitate and promote good communication in business. Participants explore common obstacles to effective business communication and examine a proven model for facilitating it.

Interviewing for Selection*

Interviewing for Selection is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, Interviewing for Selection is a one-day module that offers leaders behavioral interviewing skills that have been proven to dramatically enhance an organization’s employee selection process.

Working Styles*

Working Styles is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this one-day module based on the Social Styles model helps managers understand how to adapt their behavior to communicate better and improve teamwork and cooperation.

Managing Styles in Conflict*

Managing Styles in Conflict is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module helps leaders understand the nature of conflict in an organization and typical behavioral responses to it. They learn indispensable techniques and skills for achieving a collaborative, win-win approach to conflict.

Managing Time Wisely*

Managing Time Wisely is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module ensures that an organization’s leaders are able to better manage themselves and their time, and can help employees learn to make the most of their time.

Meeting Leadership Challenges*

Meeting Leadership Challenges is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module helps managers learn how to shift their attention away from output and toward creating optimal conditions in three key leadership action areas.

Motivating for Results*

Motivating for Results is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module teaches managers how to enhance motivation in a work unit. Managers learn how to assess motivational issues and how to take action to address them successfully.

Reviewing Performance*

Reviewing Performance is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module offers managers invaluable insights into what constitutes an effective employee performance review and how to make the review process beneficial for both managers and employees.

Setting Goals for Success*

Setting Goals for Success is part of our Leading for Performance leadership development series, this half-day module explores proven goal-setting processes, best practices for linking goals to strategy execution, and the importance of setting goals that address both performance and fulfillment considerations.

Creating a Culture of Engagement*

Creating a Culture of Engagement helps leaders gain an understanding of what they must do to more effectively engage their teams.

Global Effectiveness*

Global Effectiveness is designed to help global staff understand the effect of five cross-cultural dimensions of business interaction: Task & Relationship, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism/Collectivism, and Context Communication. Through lessons, video clips, and simulations, participants learn techniques and skills to improve international business communication.

Leading in Challenging Times*

Leading in Challenging Times helps leaders understand their role in implementing business strategy, and helps them execute strategy during times of change, take charge of the change process, and refocus people’s energy to move positively through change.


*A Wilson Learning Program

Sales Leadership

The only way to be certain that your products and services are not viewed as commodities is to make your sales force your most powerful source of competitive advantage. Differentiation comes not through products, but through sales force and sales leadership effectiveness.

Making your sales force a source of competitive advantage requires more than training salespeople on new sales techniques. We at Performance Learning/Wilson Learning, recognize the central role of both salespeople and sales leadership to sales effectiveness. Providing salespeople and sales leaders with the right skills, tools, and processes can propel your organization forward, allowing you to out-perform the competition and delivering greater value to your customers.

Needs based selling and Consultative selling are critical, but no longer enough to out maneuver the competition. Speak with us to find out the next steps to win and click on the program name to see a detailed fact sheet.

The Counselor Salesperson* and e-Counselor Salesperson Mini-Modules*

One of Wilson Learning’s most iconic programs, The Counselor Salesperson helps salespeople learn a win-win approach to selling that emphasizes problem solving from the customer’s point of view. Salespeople learn that there are four common reasons not to buy, and build the skills to address each barrier. The Customer Relationship Inventory, to be used with this program or a stand-alone feedback tool, provides valuable input from the customer on their interaction with the salesperson.  You can view both the instructor led program as well as the e-CSP program available in it’s entirety or mini-modules.

Lighthouse Coaching*

Lighthouse Coaching helps managers learn how to reinforce  the skills their salesforce learned in the program they just attended.  Webinar based for busy executives, it makes clear the concept that coaching isn’t just something you do–a coach is what you are.

The Sales Leader Manager*

This program is a comprehensive solution that teaches sales managers how to lead and offers a process for helping salespeople reach their full potential and create the environment to make it happen. It teaches sales managers to balance their leadership responsibilities, on the one hand, and their management  responsibilities, on the other.

Counselor Prospecting*

Salespeople learn to make better “Go-No/Go” decisions about prospects earlier in the overall sales process. This helps avoid costly customer contact efforts with prospects and empowers salespeople to choose the good suspects who are most likely to become good prospect.

Negotiating to Yes – Sales Edition*

Based on the book, Getting to Yes by Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiating Project, Negotiating to Yes Salespeople learn a proven approach for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. This efficient process helps salespeople reach optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships.

Networking for Success*

Networking for Success empowers salespeople to comfortably and effectively approach the people they need to and who are most likely to become good business contacts.

Sales Advantage Series*

The series, comprised of five modules, equips high-performing salespeople to be seen by clients as true business advisors, setting them apart from the competition. The series takes the salesperson through the most critical aspects of consulting: discovering the customer’s critical success factors, aligning the solution to the customer’s buying processes, differentiating the customer offering, and improving the customer’s business processes. All of these areas are vital to creating business value for the customer and are strengthened with highly strategic business calling skills to support the collaborative efforts.

Turning Information into Sales*

Salespeople will gain the tools to effectively discover business needs, identify what matters and apply it so they are able to create compelling solutions.

Turbocharging Discovery Agreements*

This unique half-day workshop designed specifically for graduates of The Counselor Salesperson. This practical, hands-on workshop helps salespeople deepen their understanding and strengthen their ability to better apply the critical Discovery and Discovery Agreement skills that are the foundation of the Counselor Approach. The program is intended for business-to-business salespeople and their managers.

Upfront – Persuasion through Presentation*

A hands-on, results-oriented workshop that will transform your salespeople in two days, to deliver effective, powerful presentations that captivate and motivate their audiences to take action.


*A Wilson Learning Program

Workforce Development

Performance Learning Synergies offers a variety of ways to build needed workforce competencies in the areas of Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Personal Leadership and Effective Teamwork.

Developing Your Workforce in Challenging Times

Employee Engagement is Critical to Achieve High Performance and Fulfillment

In uncertain times, it is more important than ever for organizations to build for the future—engaging, retaining, and developing talent in an environment that promotes ongoing learning as a critical component of organizational success.

Investing in the development of individual and work team potential increases workforce engagement and enhances the value of employee contributions to the achievement of enterprise goals.

We have resources for achieving workforce success.

Wilson Learning is a global leader in workforce training and development focused on increasing productivity and performance. We offer resources to develop the employee and team skills, insights, and knowledge needed to build an effective, high-performing workforce and teams.

Our comprehensive approach includes proven research-based programs, innovative custom solutions as needed, and the use of contemporary technology to enhance, reinforce, and follow up on training experiences.

As you evaluate the overall performance of employees at all levels of your organization, you need to evaluate how well your workforce and teams are prepared for meeting current business challenges, including thriving in changing times, contributing value as team members and leaders, generating innovative ideas, and acting with drive and initiative to execute their unit’s plans and goals.

To assess your employees’ and teams’ readiness, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do your employees understand your strategy and organizational goals?
  • Do you have the right talent with the right skills to implement the organization’s strategy?
  • Do you have the right development programs and path for your organization’s workforce and teams?
  • Do you have experienced facilitators to deliver your training and development programs?
  • Are you maximizing the return on your development investment?
  • Are your managers equipped to coach the workforce to achieve the organization’s goals?
  • Do you have an effective evaluation method to determine the business impact of your programs and initiatives?

If you cannot answer “YES” to any of these questions, we need to speak. Please fill out the form in the CONTACT US tab and we will get right back to you.

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