Our Services – Improve Performance and Business Results

Today’s leaders are looking for concrete, measurable results for their investment of training dollars. Ensuring results, means that learning initiatives must include more than a single learning event. Often it means defining and verifying individual and group needs, adapting content to the company’s market and work environment, preparing leaders in advance of a session, and providing coaching and reinforcement to make sure learning transfers to the job.

Wilson Learning offers a wide range of support services that can help you deliver learning that improves performance, has high business impact, and contributes to your company’s success. Whether you are looking for help assessing needs and defining competencies, designing a strategic alignment session to bring key stakeholders on board, or creating a custom case study to engage your audience, Wilson Learning’s and Performance Learning’s expert consultants and facilitators can help you achieve your goals.

Assessment – Coaching

We have coached senior and mid-level leaders in some of the top organizations in America. Our process gains information from the people the person to be coached works with and we have a ten to twelve session approach that is surprisingly affordable and amazingly effective. Almost everyone we have coached, has gone on to major promotions and become a more effective and authentic leader.

We use both Wilson Learning and  Hogan Assessments  instruments, analysis, and follow-up training to ensure your leaders, managers, and employees have the critical information and insight they need to achieve their full performance potential.

Are you looking for a 360 assessment for managers or a comprehensive competency study? Performance Learning Synergies provides expert consulting to help you identify the right tools and the right approach to meet your needs

Customization Services

Performance Learning’s proven content, skills, and tools offer a powerful learning platform for improving performance and delivering business results.

We will help you build a customized solution on the foundation of existing programs to make sure your learning initiatives reflect your market environment, customers, goal, and strategy. If you need a completely customized solution using your own proprietary content, Wilson Learning has the design and development resources to provide those solutions.

Product Launch and Technical Training

A new product launch is one of the most critical initiatives a company can undertake. It is essential that sales and marketing understand the product, its market, and the competitive environment.

If the launch process is not handled with expertise, your company’s R&D investment and its position in the market can be at risk. Performance Learning has the expertise and the tools to ensure a successful launch and product training.

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